Three payday loan advertisements banned by Advertising Standards Authority

30th July 2014


Three payday loan adverts have been banned today by the Advertising Standards Authority following a complaint made by Citizens Advice earlier this year.

The adverts from Peachy, Loan Monarch and Spends4u cannot be shown again in their original form because they were deemed either misleading or irresponsible.

Four out of the seven payday loan adverts Citizens Advice reported to the ASA in March 2014 have now been banned.  Last week the ASA upheld a complaint from Citizens Advice about an advert by Pounds to Pocket.

Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy says: “These payday loan adverts mask the grim reality of debt.  Taking out a short-term, high-cost loan should not be taken lightly.  But all too often adverts present them as an easy option and suggest people’s financial circumstances don’t matter.  This is utterly irresponsible and misleading.

“With four payday loan adverts banned within a fortnight, it is clear the payday loan industry needs to up its game when it comes to the quality of its advertising.  Lenders should look again at their marketing materials to see if they are fair and responsible.

“The success of our complaint demonstrates that consumers can fight back against inappropriate adverts.  If you believe a payday loan advert to irresponsible or misleading you can report it to Citizens Advice or the ASA directly.”

The ASA agreed with Citizens Advice that:

The sandwich wrapper which says ‘cheaper than payday loan’ is misleading; and the phrase ‘small bits puts a smile on your lips’ and the cartoon image are irresponsible.

A text message from is irresponsible because it encourages customers who had been refused loans elsewhere, due to their financial circumstances, to take out a loan.

A text message from ad is irresponsible, because it encourages consumers to take out a loan, regardless of their financial circumstances.  It was also ruled the ad is misleading because it implies consumers can be accepted for a loan, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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    Very good work. This advertisements are pointless.

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