‘Tis the season for accidents in the home

27th November 2015


December may mark the start of the festive season but it is also the prime time for home accidents.


Claims data from Allianz Insurance reveals 1 December as the day when most accidents in the home will occur over the Christmas period.


Almost double the number of households will have an accident at home on this day compared to the average for the rest of the month. However, on Christmas Day the rate of accidents is below average and Christmas Eve is more likely to see an accident.


The first Christmas-related claim was received by Allianz on 18 November, with one customer reporting they had been getting their pre-decorated Christmas tree down from the loft when it dropped through the loft hatch and on to the wooden floored landing.


The tree had been in the family for many years and all of the expensive, antique decorations and baubles had been smashed.


Tim Pitts, head of product at Allianz Insurance, said the last thing anyone wants is for Christmas to be ruined by an accident at home.


‘We see a noticeable increase in claims for accidents over the Christmas period and see all manner of accidents from tripping over loose rugs, and spilling gravy all over the carpet, to dropping new electrical gadgets in the bath as well as Christmas trees causing fires,’ he said.


‘It’s the time of year when we are busy and have a lot on our minds which also makes people more accident prone.’


While the Christmas tree may look nice, fairy lights caused 20 house fires in the UK in 2011/12.


Tim Pitts added that customers should replace old fairy lights, never leave them on when you’re out of the house or in bed and ensure the cables are not a tripping hazard.


He warned against bargain buys and urged people to buy from a reputable retailer to be sure that items meet British safety standards. If you’re buying toys that need batteries make sure you stock up on batteries so you’re not tempted to take them out of the smoke alarm.


And when you set fire to your Christmas pudding be extra careful.




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