Top 10 Biggest Trading Losses in History

15th May 2012


Top 10 Biggest Trading Losses in History

How does JP Morgan's trading blunder that cost the storied investment bank at least $2 billion, stack up against history's biggest losses? TIME


Doing Development Better

"Poverty is often best addressed not by helping the poor to be better at what they are already doing, but by getting them to do something altogether different." Project Syndicate


The Wages of Sin Taxes: The True Cost of Taxing Alcohol, Tobacco and Other "Vices"

According to Christopher Snowdon, there is no economic justification for increasing taxes on smokers and drinkers because most of the costs of drinking and smoking fall on the individuals themselves, rather than the public. Adam Smith Institute


Is it all Gordon Brown's fault?

An economist calls claims by the government that austerity and the resultant high unemployment is an inevitable consequence of excessive deficit spending in the Brown years "nonsense," because paying off the debt created by overspending should be done during the next boom, and not now. Mainly Macro


Bitter origins of the Sicilian Mafia

In a new paper, three academics argue that the Italian Mafia's rise as one of the largest and most successful businesses in Italy began with control of the international lemon trade in the 19th century. Vox Eu


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