Top ten and bottom ten funds and sectors for July

1st August 2013

Charles Stanley Direct has published a list of July’s top ten and bottom ten performing funds and sectors in July which we list below with their performance. This is of course only the monthly numbers and some of the funds on the list have clearly not done so well over a year or even from the start of the year. But the list may be of interest.

Top 10 funds

CF Ruffer Baker Steel Gold                                        16.41%

AXA Framlington Biotech                                          14.98%

WAY Charteris Gold Portfolio Elite                         14.41%

BlackRock Gold & General                                         12.87%

Smith & Williamson Global Gold & Resources      12.51%

Investec Global Gold                                                   12.30%

MFM Techinvest Technology                                    12.27%

Oceanic Natural Resources                                        10.91%

JPM Europe Smaller Companies                              10.11%

Newton Continental European                                  9.86%

Bottom 10 funds

Neptune India                                                                -5.13%

Jupiter India                                                                   -4.81%

First State Latin America                                             -3.53%

EFA AR Diversity Strategy Portfolio                          -2.12%

Aviva Property Investment                                           -1.55%

Invesco Perpetual Japan                                               -1.46%

Neptune Japan Opportunities                                      -1.44%

Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies                              -1.43%

Threadneedle Japan                                                       -1.35%

Scottish Widows Latin American                                 -1.29%


Top 10 sectors

Technology & Telecoms                                                 7.05%

European Smaller Companies                                      6.77%

Europe Excluding UK                                                     6.40%

Europe Including UK                                                     6.03%

UK All Companies                                                           5.92%

UK Equity Income                                                           5.66%

North American Smaller Companies                           5.60%

North America                                                                  5.41%

UK Smaller Companies                                                   5.31%

China / Greater China                                                     4.37%

Bottom 10 sectors

Short Term Money Market                                             0.00%

Money Market                                                                   0.28%

UK Index Linked Gilts                                                     0.42%

Japan                                                                                   0.45%

Targeted Absolute Return                                               0.89%

UK Gilts                                                                               0.93%

Global Emerging Markets                                                1.24%

Global Bonds                                                                      1.37%

Property                                                                               1.40%

Asia Pacific Including Japan                                           1.44%

Source: FE Analytics

Rob Morgan, pension and investment analyst with Charles Stanley Direct says: “Following a terrible June, markets around the world have recovered their poise with virtually all sector averages registering positive returns. The UK All Companies sector fared particularly well up nearly 6%, and the European sectors all exceeded this. Meanwhile, the technology sector recovered strongly, ending top of the pile buoyed by good results from Facebook.

“It was a similar story for North America, though having held up well last month Japan struggled and has been quite volatile. Broader Asia and emerging markets funds also lacked the momentum of the major western markets with particularly weak performance from India and Brazil where inflation is making economic conditions more difficult. South East Asia was also a relative laggard whilst the Russian and Chinese indices posted respectable returns.

“For a number of months commodities and gold funds have featured in the bottom 10, but at last July provided a long-awaited bounce.  Natural resources funds, notably those focused on gold miners recovered strongly though still stand a long way below their prices only six months ago. Also making the top 10 funds is a biotech fund, a technology specialist and a couple of European funds. The bottom 10 funds are something of a mixed bag with a pair of India specialists, a property fund, a few Japanese funds and some Latin American mandates. Relatively few funds posted negative returns for the month.”

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