Top tips on how to make the right energy decisions when moving home

19th October 2015


Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket shares advice on how to get the best energy deal in your new home…

Moving house – whether you’re buying or renting – is a big life choice to make.

There are so many costs when buying a new home, including the purchase price and stamp duty if you’re buying or the landlord’s deposit when you’re renting. And then, of course, there are removal costs as well.

With all of that expenditure any new homeowner should think about getting the best deal on their household bills, especially their energy costs, as the cost of heating and lighting your home could be the third largest monthly spend, after mortgage or rental payments and council tax.

There’s also a risk of paying double for energy when you move house, by paying for bills in both the new and old properties. It’s important to contact your current and new supplier as soon as possible – to either transfer your old tariff over, cancel it, or switch to a whole new deal.

Murray explains what you need to know…

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