Train delays: Another reason why the commodities bubble affects us all

7th June 2011

The last winter wasn't the greatest time to be a commuter. On numerous – i.e too many to mention – occasions my journey to and from work was delayed thanks to a combination of bad weather, points failures and other incidents.

While bad weather may, in terms of commuter compensation, be classed as an 'Act of God' many reasons for my – and thousands of others – delayed journies were very much man made.

The price of copper and other commodities has been riding high all year, as shown by a Mindful Money report . Unfortunately it also looks like thieves are taking note. Theft of copper from Britain's railways is reaching epidemic proportions, costing the operator Network Rail millions of pounds as it takes on extra staff to catch the criminals and pays out compensation to train companies for delays on the system.

Copper theft from railway lines jumped by 67% to 3,116 incidents in the year to April as metal prices have soared and Britain's stumbling recovery from recession has continued to push impoverished groups into crime, according to the British Transport Police.

But Network Rail maintenance staff working in the worst-hit areas – which are centred around the former steel city of Sheffield – say the number of incidents has jumped even higher in the past three weeks, prompting the company to introduce a new night shift for beleaguered staff.

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3 thoughts on “Train delays: Another reason why the commodities bubble affects us all”

  1. Alan says:

    off topic, but the whole Mindful Money site is broke in Firefox 8 (was fine in previous versions of FF). Which is an annoyance. Just get a complete white screen. IE and Chrome are fine. Obviously a FF bug or an html bug causing FF to not work on this site. haven’t come across any other broken sites in FF. Can you pass on to web person. FF usage is a sizable percentage of the market now, so you may be missing out on audience.CheersAlan

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Alan,

      Sorry that you are not able to view Mindful Money through Firefox
      8, we informed our tech people and they can’t see any issues with Mindful Money on the Firefox 8 browser.
      They have suggested that possibly there was a connection issue at the time of loading or potentially you might have some Firefox Add-on
      which is clashing with some of the code on the site.  
      Let us know if this problem persists or you have any other details on the issue.

      Community Manager

      1. Alan says:

        Thanks for that. One of my add ons was at fault, was never a problem before FF8, but thats for the info.

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