Twitter IPO – six useful links from around the web

6th October 2013

Newswire Reuters suggests that Twitter has rip roaring growth but big losses. The key stats are as follows Revenue of $316.9 million in 2012 was triple the previous year. In the first half of 2013, it posted revenue of $253.6 million but had a loss of $69.3 million.

The Wall Street Journal offers everything you want to know about Twitter and it is clearly hoping to sniff out just about every angle. Here is one.

For example Twitter says it is hoping to raise £1bn. Yet the WSJ notes the Facebook initially suggested it wanted to raise $5bn and ultimately raised $16bn.

In a separate story, the Wall Street Journal says Twitter faces a risk from false accounts. Not false business accounts, which would really spell trouble, but false Twitter users. Twitter allows business a lot of freedom to post under a pseudonym and to hold multiple accounts, but there is also a grey market that is at least a cousin of notorious email spam sector. Twitter says that the fakers are not more than 5% but it could concern the advertisers upon whom Twitter will base its journey to profitability.

Techcrunch’s Sarah Perez makes an excellent case for Twitter as the original ‘mobile first’ firm that effectively took SMS texting to its logical conclusion (unlike the mobile phone companies) but she says that competition is intensifying in this space.

Is Twitter the new Linkedin or the new Facebook asks Forbes’ magazine’s Tristan Louis He looks at an average revenue per user measure $3.74 for Facebook, $ 4.81 for Linkedin and $1.75 for Twitter.

The Guardian lists the winners from the float and says that private equity investor Suhail Rizvi will be gaining most from the IPO with a holding of 15%.

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