Two thirds of Briton’s under 40 thinking about quitting the UK

6th August 2015


A massive two-thirds of Briton’s under the age of 40 have given serious thought to upping sticks for a new life abroad, claims new research.

The survey from independent financial adviser deVere Group found that 65% of respondents said they are ‘seriously considering’, ‘are thinking about’, or ‘would be tempted to’ move overseas.

In contrast only 22% said they would not consider leaving Britain, while 13% said they did not know.

For those looking for a new life, the five most popular destinations were New York, Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Of the findings, deVere CEO Nigel Green, said: “The survey perhaps challenges the traditional perceptions of who emigrates from the UK.  Often it is assumed that British expats are pensioners who relocate during retirement to sunshine destinations such as the Costa del Sol, the Australia’s Gold Coast and Florida.

“And whilst it is true, of course, that a considerable number of British pensioners do head to these places, we’ve found that there’s a significant, and growing, number of the UK’s working population who are considering moving abroad.”

The analysis found that the primary driver for those looking to potentially relocate was to further their careers for the enhanced lifestyle opportunities that higher salaries would afford them.

“So-called ‘push factors’ in the UK, including high taxes and living costs, crime levels and a poor climate, were also highlighted by the majority of those who indicated they are considering quitting Britain,” added Green.

“There is a likely combination of reasons for this such as the novelty factor of living abroad to a certain extent, perhaps better weather than in the UK, often higher salaries and the fact they are able to use their status to their financial advantage, thereby allowing them to grow, maximise and protect their wealth.”


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