Two thirds of UK drivers with convictions are guilty of speeding – and are now paying the price

11th January 2016


A massive two thirds of Britons with driving convictions are guilty of speeding – and are now living with the financial consequences, claims a new study.

The research analysed car insurance convictions data gathered on MoneySuperMarket’s site over 12 months, to reveal the nature of driving-related convictions.

Speeding and speed-related incidents account for two thirds of all convictions, at 66%, a rate of 15.2 convictions per 1000 drivers, down marginally from 15.93 per 1000 over the previous 12 month period.

Other findings included that 13% of convictions were the result of ‘careless, reckless and unfit’ driving.

A further 8% of motorists with convictions were caught out for licence and insurance offences while 7% were found guilty of ‘situational driving offences’, such as incidents at traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and motorways. Some 5% were guilty of drink or drug-driving.

Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “The number of drivers with a conviction on their licence has fallen slightly from last year, but it’s still a worrying rate of 23 per 1,000 drivers and over two thirds of these are down to speeding.

“It’s very easy to put your foot down on the accelerator when you’re in a hurry but it’s important to remember the consequences.

“Not only do we put ourselves, passengers and other road-users and pedestrians in danger, but a conviction is a sure-fire way for motorists’ premium prices to shoot up. Having a speeding conviction on your licence will typically add £55 to an annual car insurance policy.”

1 thought on “Two thirds of UK drivers with convictions are guilty of speeding – and are now paying the price”

  1. Citizen plain says:

    More profiteering by insurers. Where is the statistical evidence that demonstrates such minor convictions lead to higher claims rates?

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