UK households engaged in ‘cold war’ over heating use

2nd November 2015


Tensions are heating up in British homes with more than a third, at 36%, of households arguing with, or being irritated by the people they live with over the thermostat. according to a new survey.

Naturally the rising cost of energy bills is the main reason for these squabbles.

The study from MoneySuperMarket found that almost half, at 46%, of clashing households admitted their rows are down to the bills they will have to pay.

Nearly 20%, said they are left feeling irritated if the heating is turned on too early in the year and 50% said they would rather not turn the heating on at all, favouring putting on an extra layer of clothing instead.

But with heating wars erupting up and down the country, almost a third at 29%, confessed to being ‘secret heaters’ – secretly adjusting the thermostat without consulting the people they live with.

Women are more successful as ‘secret heaters’ than men as over half, at 56%, were caught out in the act compared to 79% of men.

Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket, says: “Clearly energy costs are a huge pressure on households, especially during the winter months when bills can be high. For those who do argue over the thermostat, it may be helpful to know that turning the thermostat down by just one degree could save you £65 a year on heating costs; but we wouldn’t want to fuel any more heated arguments.”

“Unfortunately you can’t prevent the cold winter weather settling in, but you can help ease your concerns about the rising energy costs over winter by shopping around for a cheaper tariff. Switching is one of the few totally free energy saving initiatives we have and anyone who has never switched could save on average £283.”

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