UK Smaller Companies funds are top performers in August

2nd September 2013

IMA UK Smaller Companies was top performing sector in August as AIM shares while Global Emerging Markets & IMA Asia Pacific Ex Japan were the worst performing sectors.

Top performing Funds August 2013

Name IMA sector % Rank
SF t1ps Smaller Companies Growth UK Smaller Companies 15.95 1
SF T1ps Smaller Companies Gold Specialist 15.42 2
CF Ruffer Baker Steel Gold O Acc Specialist 12.21 3
WAY Charteris Gold Portfolio WAY R Acc Specialist 10.90 4
Junior Gold Ret Specialist 10.46 5
CF Miton UK Smaller Companies A Acc UK Smaller Companies 10.45 6
Discretionary Unit UK Smaller Companies 8.07 7
Cavendish AIM Retail UK Smaller Companies 7.66 8
MFM Slater Growth UK All Companies 7.33 9
Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth UK Smaller Companies 6.88 10

Top performing sectors August 2013

Name % Rank
IMA UK Smaller Companies 2.82 1
IMA Money Market 0.01 2
IMA Short Term Money Market 0.01 3
IMA UK Index Linked Gilt -0.24 4
IMA Targeted Absolute Return -0.30 5
IMA £ High Yield -0.42 6
IMA £ Strategic Bond -0.68 7
IMA UK All Companies -0.78 8
IMA China/Greater China -0.79 9
IMA Protected -1.06 10

Source: LIPPER 31st July 2013 to 30th August 2013

Danny Cox, Head of Financial Planning, Hargreaves Lansdown says: “UK Smaller Companies has been the best performing sector in August. UK smaller companies are likely to have benefited from a change in rules at the start of the month which meant investors were able to hold AIM shares inside their ISAs for the first time. The FTSE AIM rose 4.2% in August while the FTSE 100 fell 3.3%.

“The other notable performers in August were gold mining companies which built on a strong recovery in July. The FTSE Gold Mines index rose 8.9% in August. However, it is important to maintain perspective as gold mining shares (FTSE Gold Mines) are still down 44% this year even after the recent rebound.

Cox says there are several drivers for the gold price at the moment – an increasing likelihood of military action in Syria is one factor and a sell-off in Emerging Markets is the other. Investors becoming risk averse have sought exposure to defensive assets such as gold.

For the second month in a row Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets with Indian specific funds delivered the worst performance in August.”

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