Want to link your ambitions and your finances? Here’s how

11th December 2015


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get your finances in order, then one man wants to help you.


American George Kinder, who describes himself as the founder of life planning movement, which encourages people to look at their ambitions and arrange their finances to enable them, has launched a new tool to enable people to hit their financial goals.


Kinder has for many years helped financial advice firms to change the dynamic between advisers and clients, to focus on financial freedom using the EVOKE financial planning process. This process asks individuals to ask themselves questions, such as ‘if you only had five years to live what would you do?’.


The EVOKE programme asks people to ‘Explore’ their life goals and ‘Visions’ they have for the future, find the ‘Obstacles’ that are stopping them, use the ‘Knowledge’ of the financial planner to align goals and finances and ‘Execute’ the financial plan.


Kinder has now turned his attention to consumers directly, and has written a book called ‘Life Planning for You’. You can read more about the book launch and Kinder’s ideas in an interview with Mindful Money editor John Lappin here.


As an extension of the book, Kinder has now launched a free tool on LifePlanningforYou.com to take individuals through a step-by-step process of identifying ‘deeply held desires and priorities, and creating a realistic financial plan to accomplish them’.


Users will be able to create a life plan for themselves, answer questions to help them align ambitions with their financial plans, and take part in an online forum on life planning.


There are also practical tools such as a retirement calculator and the ability to input financial data to provide a clear financial plan for free.



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