Warning about council tax scammers

26th November 2014


A Government agency has warned against  scams by companies offering to challenge your council tax band.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA)  said it can be contacted to check or query your council tax band with no charge, but that some firms are cold-calling and doorstepping customers offering to do this for an up-front fee.

The VOA said that in some cases, companies and individuals have taken money and then not challenged the band, blaming the VOA for inaction.

Some insist that customers are definitely in the wrong band, when in fact  their band is correct.

Scammers have pretended to be from the local council or VOA and asked for home owners bank details saying that it is to provide a refund when in fact it is to fraudulently obtain money from the account.

Others claim that the VOA charges you to challenge your band when you can do this for free or that you must, by law, be represented by an agent when anyone can do this for themselves.

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