What goes on in the minds of bankers? – 12765

29th June 2012


Ken has spent time with oil traders from the New York Mercantile Exchange, analysing how they work, compete and think, in a bid to make them perform better.

He found people with brains suited to the fast pace of their work but often suffering from attention deficit disorder, and more at home in a trading pit than in their own homes.

We bring you Ken's detailed analysis here, to help you understand what is going through the heads of those driving the markets.

Is this your experience and do you agree with Ken's analysis? Please let us know …


The Ordinary Madness of Markets: Inside the minds of traders

INTRODUCTION: "I'm losing it Big time!": Why Traders cry out for psychotherapeutic help

CHAPTER 1: The Pit & The Pack: How I came to understand the social world of the trader

CHAPTER 2: Attention deficit disorder and arrested adolescence: Understanding the mind  of the trader

CHAPTER 3: How traders can lose millions: their biggest fears and self-help mechanisms

CHAPTER 4: Mindfulness Training for traders: Naming and Taming their 'Inner Demons'

CHAPTER 5: The Self-Sabotaging Trader Who Couldn't Control His Demons

CHAPTER 6: The Ghost in the Machine: How the digitisation of the stock market created new demons we can't control

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