What would you do with a lottery win?

8th January 2016


Britain’s biggest rollover jackpot is up for grabs tomorrow night and most people said if they beat the odds and scope the lot, they’d be on the first plane out of here.


According to a survey by money.co.uk, nearly half (46%) said the first thing they would do if they won the lottery was travel the world.


Another 19% would start a business, and nearly the same number (18%) would leave their job. A total of 14% would ‘spend, spend, spend’, while 3% would give it all to charity. For 1%, a lottery win would be the catalyst for them to leave their other half.


The jackpot for tomorrow’s night lottery draw is £57.8 million but the chances of winning it are even slimmer since 10 extra balls were added to the draw in October.


Hannah Maundrell of money.co.uk said: ‘With a record rollover on the table, all of your post-Christmas bills could be quickly wiped out if you’re lucky enough to nail the 45 million-to-1 numbers needed to hit the jackpot.


‘The odds are high; apparently you’re four times more likely to become the US president than win tomorrow night’s draw.’


The odds mean you ‘certainly can’t bank on winning’, said Maundrell, ‘so don’t go crazy buying extra tickets, the odds are stacked against you’.


For those who do want to buy a ticket, don’t leave it too late as the website struggled to cope with the last minute rush ahead of Wednesday’s draw, which no one won.


If no one wins the jackpot again tonight the money will be split between the second tier winners, which 70% of people said was fair.


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