Will Britain adopt the Euro?

18th November 2011

Many commentators now support a break up but there are still a few euro enthusiasts in British public life who still think the UK should join. But first the sceptics.

Here is Martin Jacombe the former Chancellor of Buckingham University writing on FT.com today.:

"The remedy may seem unpalatable but it is time to revert to national currencies. Only in this way can the poorer countries have a chance to regain competitiveness. There was a time when a division in to two or more blocks looked feasible, but it is too late for that now. The political imperative of sticking with the euro is so strong that leaders are not yet able to contemplate a reversal such as this. The tragic result of this attitude is rising unemployment and economic hardship in poorer states. The political and human cost of this is immeasurable."

On CityAM editor Allistair Heath suggests that City institutions should help politicians plan for a break up.

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