Will Facebook release it’s own smartphone?

28th May 2012


As Spanish bond yields continue to soar, Amy Wilson explains why the 7pc climb signals more bad news for La Furia Roja (Telegraph)

In the wake of potential Grexit and more trouble for Spanish banks, Italian two-year borrowing costs reach a five month high (Reuters)  


As the Bank of England estimates state-given subsidy costs to various banks, Noss and Sowerbutts explain the approaches to modelling costs (FT Alphaville)

Prudential appoints Aon U.K. Chairman Paul Manduca to replace Harvey McGrath (WSJ)

Cameron announces £82.5 million StartUp Loan scheme to invest in young entrepreneurship and support economic growth (This is Money)

(Un)fair trade: The Dominican Republic's booming banana trade yielded 12% fairtrade growth in the UK last year, but worker poverty remains (Guardian)


Will Facebook release its own smartphone? With the completion of Google's Motorola acquisition, a third attempt might be in the works (NYT)

In favour of HFT: Craig Pirrong makes the case for HFT strategies to increase market liquidity (Seeking Alpha)


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