World Bank: Hillary Clinton denies rumours that she intends to quit White House

10th June 2011

The US Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Clinton, has found herself at the centre of a media storm over speculation that she would be interested in the World Bank job should current president, Robert Zoellick, leave at the end of his term in the middle of 2012.

On the Guardian website Ms Clinton is reported as publicly stating she did not plan to stay on at the State Department for more than four years.

The Telegraph's Washington correspondant Toby Harden reports that despite denials "Hillary Clinton wants the job".

Robert Zoellick, a former Bush administration official, is believed to be ready to step down as president at the end of his term in the middle of next year.

Mrs Clinton has made clear she does not want to remain US Secretary of State, a gruelling job demanding months of world travel each year, beyond Mr Obama's first term.

However The Washington Post reports that her spokesman Philippe Reines flatly denied the report, which first appeared in Reuters.

If Clinton does head the World Bank her replacement as Secretary of State is likely to be John Kerry, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and a close Obama ally.

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