Would the UK be better off out of the EU?

22nd November 2011


This could be interpreted as good news, whatever your viewpoint on UK membership of the EU.  Nigel Farage, leader of anti-EU grouping United Kingdom Independence Party, hailed the poll as the "centre ground of British public opinion." 

But the good news for the often less vocal advocates of continuing membership – or even of building closer ties such as Lord Heseltine's belief that the UK would eventually join the Euro – is that the 40% for withdrawal figure is substantially lower than the anti-EU number in a poll a month ago.

Then Mindful Money cited The Guardian with its ICM  poll showing 49% – or around a tenth more of the population than in the more recent Harris poll – took an anti-EU stance. Of course, much depends on the actual wording of the question posed – and headlines on the day the poll is taken.

But if the two polls are capable of comparison, then over four million adults have switched to a less euro-sceptic position over the past four weeks.

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