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US high yield has outperformed with rising energy prices, but has little bearing outside commodity sector

9 May 2016


The US high yield bond sector has outperformed this year, but investors need to understand that the improvement underpinned by energy prices may have little impact outside the commodity sector. US high yield bonds have rebounded this year by 12% since February and high yield has now outperformed most other asset classes, including the S&P […]


The ‘funeral time bomb’ financial threat

21 March 2016

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Many people are in serious danger of leaving a legacy of debt for failing to plan for soaring funeral costs, according to a report from the mutual financial services company, OneFamily. The group’s latest ‘The OneFamily 2015 Funeral Costs Tracker has reveals that in the UK between 2014 and 2015 the average price of a […]


More than a third of Britons under 35 have no savings at all

17 March 2016

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More than a quarter of Britons have no savings whatsoever, with this rising to 37% for those aged 18-34, according to research from Sunlife. The study, which looked at the savings habits of 3,388 households, also found that the majority of 18-34s with no savings, said it is because they do not have any spare […]